Video Projections for Change

A project of the Artists' Rapid Response Team (ARRT!)
and the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA)


LumenARRT! is a project of the Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!).  We work through the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA), a members’ organization that advocates for artists and furthers the work of progressive non-profits in the state of Maine.  Our video projections create a visual voice for these organizations and like electronic graffiti, bring awareness to issues of social, political and environmental justice.

LumenARRT! was proud to join Extinction Rebellion and 350 Maine for the Global Climate Strike.  We projected at Fringe Fest, Biddeford, ME on behalf of the animals facing extinction due to climate change and human stressors.  See the video here!

Global Climate Strike

LumenARRT! joins the Extinction Rebellion call for action on 4/15 with a virtual projection on a South Portland oil tank!  Stop pissing on our world!  See the whole video here!

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LumenARRT! was at the CMCA Biennial in Rockland.  We were privileged to be showing alongside some fabulous artists!  Our piece is a pun on “projection,” creating a physical shape for people’s “projections” onto women’s bodies.  We use video projection to wash away some of those words used to describe women.  We call it “Free Fall(t):  Projection-cleansing for Women.”   (See a short video of the piece in action by clicking on the title or the picture below.)

close installed

Our recent projections included Martin Luther King Day 1/21/19 in Portland, Maine.

mlk still

At the September Art Walk in Portland and Fringe Festival in Biddeford, we projected a Codfish Funeral with the live sound of the IDEAL MAINE SOCIAL AID AND SANCTUARY BAND!  In Portland, we were projecting in support of the global mobilization and Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice Rally the next day and of course, in support of the codfish.

Cut the carbon

How about those new LumenARRT! outfits!?  Makes you want to join the crew!  Contact us, if you, too, want to wear a cool light-up vest and do video projections for change!                                 (photos by Tom Hibschman & Dave Wade)

lumensme at codfish funeral from back

On 6/29 we were in front of Susan Collins’ office in support of the “Keep Families Together” rally the next day.

Another recent projection called attention to the millions of Americans who want common sense gun controls — and the inability of our Maine State Legislature to act.  Lots of news coverage! 

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On January 15th in Portland, we joined with the NAACP in celebrating Martin Luther King Day.  We also had an interactive projection in the lobby for attendees to write or draw their thoughts on freedom and racial justice.

MLK darkness quote

On World AIDS Day, December 1st, LumenARRT! joined in the vigil in Congress Square, Portland.  As the video looped, audience members participated with shadow puppets and a chance to write messages on the buildings to commemorate loved-ones.  Thanks to Frannie Peabody Center, Friends of Congress Square Park and the Westin Portland Harborview for partnering!shadow puppet 2

LumenARRT! joined with Engine to project at River Jam Fringe Fest in Biddeford.  “Warming of the Gulf of Maine” was video-mapped on the facade of the Marble Block on Main St. — with shadow puppets and draw-your-own-comments/electronic graffiti around the corner on Franklin St.

Fringe Fest 2 stillFringe Fest still

Our projection extravaganza on July 14th at MIFF (Maine International Film Festival) Opening Night Party.  FIVE projectors going and we had our interactive component available so viewers could Tweet and draw onto the party tent.   They were reacting to finding out the air quality in their zip code. Try it now! Visit the 10Green project at the University of Maine –> #WhatsYourBreathableNumber

Our latest video projection, “Air Story,” reminds people that climate change is an undisputed fact among scientists and that there are many toxic substances in our air. The brief video projections will be showing at venues throughout Maine in 2017.sample animation Air StoryFor one recent projection, we joined in the Grand Opening of the Equality Community Center at 511 Congress St, Portland, ME.

This video is a brief taste of what it was like!  (see a longer video here that features some of the interviews and more detailed animations!)

"Welcome to Maine," a recent LumenARRT! video projection in Monument Square, Portland, ME, featuring animations and interviews with immigrants to Maine.